Developed a platform through Strategic Growth and Operating Improvements

Company Overview

Founded in 1953 as a manufacturers’ stocking representative, Eads grew to offer a diverse range of products, including instrumentation and controls, filtration, valves and automation, and plant specialty products. Capstreet provided Eads with the capital and expertise to grow via strategic acquisitions and assisted with the implementation of pivotal operating improvements. Eads strengthened its management team and implemented a new ERP system to enhance operations – critical moves toward pursuing the company’s buy-and-build strategy. As a result, Eads became a provider and was a pivotal acquisition for a specialty flow control distributor.

Path to Value Creation

Capstreet helped transform Eads by creating a platform for growth with key strategies:

  • Expanded management team – added COO, CFO, Controller, IT Director
  • Five add-on acquisitions
  • New ERP system to enhance operations
  • Extensive pricing, operational, and sales initiatives
  • Upgraded corporate facility

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