Partnering with Capstreet

Seeking to Accelerate
Growth and Create Value

Our approach and practices were developed to provide a high level of support and partnership to entrepreneur-owned businesses who want to accelerate their growth and create additional value.

Collaboration and partnership are woven into our DNA. Beginning with our first interaction, we prioritize goal alignment and work hand-in-hand with you to understand your business aspirations and the unique challenges you face, and then lay out a transformative path forward seeking to drive lasting value.

How We Work with You

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We partner

We value partnership and treat our management teams as true partners in the business.

We enable

We surround our companies
and management teams with a model as we seek to accelerate growth.

We commit

We commit to doing exactly as we say and expect the same of our partners.

We help

We resolve to be as helpful and generous with our time as we can regardless of whether we partner together on a transaction.

We align

We firmly believe in the proper alignment of interests and typically invest side-by-side with business owners and structure transactions so that the founder(s) retain an ownership stake.

Hear From Our Portfolio Company Executives

Capstreet has a spirit of learning and also a spirit of accountability. It was really clear to us that there was a strong culture that we wanted to be a part of.

Greg Jackson      COO of SmartSights

Capstreet’s industrial domain expertise coupled with a strong understanding and passion for using technology was invaluable.

Kevin Bourbonnais      Former CEO of Gulfstream Marine and Allied Reliability and current Executive Chairman at Allredi

It was awesome that Capstreet was willing to bring us along. We did not have to question whether they were in it for themselves or for us. We were in it together.

Troy and Garry Kyle      Co-Founders of symplr

Our go-to-market strategy was the old-fashioned bang the pavement, call on as many people as you can and get lucky with very little marketing content. We grew up quickly on that front and that was one of the biggest areas where we were able to expand our capabilities.

Ramsey Evans      Founder of Ontellus

What really stood out about the Capstreet team apart from the depth of research they have done into the space, was the complete transparency of everybody I talked to. They were easy to work with, genuine folks.

Rick Pleczko      Former CEO of symplr & current CEO, Capstreet Operating Executive Group

Testimonials and endorsements of portfolio company executives and/or business owners are provided to demonstrate the benefits of working with the Capstreet team.  They are not provided to solicit investors or to illustrate investment experience with Capstreet. Executives featured in the testimonials and endorsements receive a salary and economics from their respective portfolio company. No executives were paid for their testimonial or endorsement. There is a conflict of interest in these unpaid testimonials and endorsements in that all executives stand to benefit from Capstreet’s success and their company is owned or partially owned by a Capstreet fund. 

If you’re interested in working together, we invite you to reach out.

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