Nine Acquisitions, Organic Growth, Diversified Products and Systems Upgrades Led to Successful Sale of GHX

Company Overview

In business for more than 70 years, GHX was a distributor of fittings, gaskets and sealing products, and valves to the energy and other end markets. Capstreet partnered with GHX leadership to create a more substantial business, adding depth to the management team, upgrading systems, executing on organic growth strategies, diversifying product offerings and completing nine acquisitions. The expanded organization included 39 locations across the US and Canada.

Path to Value Creation

CapStreet transformed GHX into a platform for continued, long-term growth with strategies that included:

  • Recruited CEO and 5 other key management members
  • Recruited outside directors
  • Implemented new ERP system on-time and on-budget
  • Implemented strategic pricing
  • Executed successful marketing and branding program, establishing GHX as a leading brand in the industry
  • Completed and successfully integrated 9 add-on acquisitions
  • Increased number of branches from 7 to 39

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