Onpoint Acquires Scope Management Solutions, Bolsters Materials Management

October 26, 2020

DEER PARK, TEXAS (October 26, 2020) – Onpoint Industrial Services is pleased to announce its strategic acquisition of Scope Management Solutions, based in Santa Fe, Texas. Beginning on September 1, 2020, Onpoint Industrial Services absorbed all operations, services and customer accounts under the Scope Management Solutions brand. This acquisition affords the opportunity to increase value for both companies, widening the scope of turnaround services available to customers.

As a strong leader in materials management for turnarounds and capital projects, the integration of Scope Management Solutions was a natural fit for Onpoint Industrial Services. Joining efforts allows both entities to expand their footprint into new services and industries, working toward growth goals and overall long-term growth strategy.

The finalized acquisition added two new members to the Onpoint Leadership team from Scope Management Services. Dean Richardson, VP Materials Management, and Todd Walker, Director of Materials Management and Operations, now serve as the key subject matter experts for materials management, bringing more than 40 years of experience to Onpoint’s leadership team. Additionally, Onpoint absorbed Scope Management Solutions’ Santa Fe, Texas location.

As a result of this acquisition, Onpoint Industrial Services has added further knowledge and expertise to its broad materials management program, as well as day-to-day services such as nested warehouse services.

“Through this acquisition and partnership with Dean, Onpoint is able to sharpen and refine our existing Materials Management Program, TrackPoint, as well as diversifying our client base to include more customers in the petrochemical industry,” said Liz Clark, CEO, Onpoint Industrial Services. “We are thrilled to work alongside Dean and Todd to incorporate their deep expertise in materials management into our everyday service offerings.”

“It’s clear that Onpoint is a pioneer in the turnaround industry, and our service model is a perfect fit. I’m eager to contribute to Onpoint’s successful programs helping to accelerate and improve what they have already established,” said Dean Richardson, VP Materials Management, Onpoint Industrial Services.

Onpoint Industrial Services

Onpoint Industrial Services offers a unique set of services to facilitate the safe and efficient flow of people, materials, and equipment for turnarounds and capital projects. By applying people, process, and technology, Onpoint satisfies every logistics requirement of these complex events. For more information, visit onpoint-us.com.