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Since our inception in 1990, we’ve developed a time-tested and repeatable approach as we seek to drive transformative change in our portfolio companies, increase their value and position them for their next stage of growth.

We’re thesis-driven investors. We identify, research, and become educated in the areas we invest. This enables us to deploy capital and resources quickly and with deep conviction in opportunities where we can work with management teams to build scalable platforms and drive meaningful business transformation through our Capvalue™ Framework.

Building Great Businesses

The Capstreet culture is driven by performance and positive outcomes, but is genuinely centered in value creation and building great businesses.

CEO of Allredi
Strong Partnership Approach

Working with a private equity firm can be a daunting prospect. Capstreet has developed a really strong partnership approach. It’s comfortable for founders and surrounds them with a model for success that enables their business to thrive.

CEO of Ontellus
Strengthen Your Organization

If you want to strengthen your organization and partner with a group that has proven operational experience, and can bring expertise and talent to bear, then I would strongly recommend partnering with Capstreet.

Founder of GHX
Accomplished Operator

After partnering with Capstreet, I have unequivocally emerged from the other side a much more accomplished operator than when I went in.

Founder of GHX

Testimonials and endorsements of portfolio company executives and/or business owners are provided to demonstrate the benefits of working with the Capstreet team.  They are not provided to solicit investors or to illustrate investment experience with Capstreet. Executives featured in the testimonials and endorsements receive a salary and economics from their respective portfolio company. No executives were paid for their testimonial or endorsement. There is a conflict of interest in these unpaid testimonials and endorsements in that all executives stand to benefit from Capstreet’s success and their company is owned or partially owned by a Capstreet fund.

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The “Founder-Friendly Investors” award is a program designed by Inc. Magazine to help founder-led companies accelerate growth and create revenue. Private equity and venture capital firms that have exited U.S.-based, founder-led portfolio companies are eligible to apply. For investments to qualify, portfolio company founders must have remained actively involved in their business for at least one-year post-investment. Winning firms are selected based upon their track record, reputation, leadership and founder references. Capstreet is not aware of the number of advisers also surveyed for the award. Like all entrants, Capstreet paid a fee to be considered for this award. This award is not to be construed as indicative of Capstreet’s future performance. Reference to an award is only one piece of information relevant to an evaluation of an investment adviser such as Capstreet. Finally, this award represents information as of a specific date and time and may not reflect important information related to an evaluation of the investment adviser which has occurred prior to, or subsequent to, the award.