The CapStreet Group is a private equity firm that invests in growing, lower middle market companies headquartered in Texas and surrounding states. We partner with the management teams of our portfolio companies to accelerate growth and build long-term value. Since 1990, CapStreet has made investments in more than 30 portfolio companies and has completed more than 200 add-on acquisitions for those companies. CapStreet is located in Houston, Texas.

Talk About Results

GHX Holdings

Dan Ahuero and Ben Andrews knew just where to turn when the time came to add a financial partner to GHX Incorporated. GHX, which the two seasoned executives owned and managed, was a 70 year old, Houston-based, value-added distributor/ fabricator of hoses and gaskets…

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VCS Holdco

When brothers Troy and Garry Kyle were looking for an investor-partner to help them grow their company, they had several options. “Garry and I had grown VCS as much as we could on our own, and we knew that in order to continue, we were going to need help,” says Troy…

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Eads Investment Holdings

“Even before we officially met, I had heard of CapStreet from several different sources,” says Steve Albert, CEO of Eads. “A neighbor of mine, who had been the CEO of one of CapStreet’s portfolio companies, had always been very complimentary of the firm…

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